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Gala Diakonova enraptured many of the great surrealists of the 20th century. She was initially the wife of surrealist poet Paul Éluard, then the lover of Max Ernst, until she captured the heart of Salvador Dalí, who was ten years younger than her. Gala and Dalí married, and no only did she inspire countless of his works, but she also acted as his manager. Dalí often painted Gala as an erotic goddess, and continued to do so as she got older.

As our foremost selection of Muse, Gala allows us to enjoy her contributions to art and serves as both a noun and verb for an Event, Celebration or Party. At Gala Restaurant one can embrace the flavors of South American cuisine. It offers an eclectic, memorable dining experience welcoming vivacious cultures to create a communal atmosphere.

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. #MeetMeAtGala